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Although most compressed air vessels used for emergency air are generally comprised of a commercially available round cylinders with air regulators attached to the top of them, Rapid Air is completely different approach to providing emergency air.

Rapid Air is probably best described as a compressed air "manifold" with a single stage regulator built in to its functional shape. It was designed spcifically to be an integral part of a PFD allowing your air supply to comfortably go where you need it.

Rapid Air has been designed to be worn, hence its shape. The contoured shape can also be described as a large flask and was intended to fit next to the body comfortably.

In our experience we have found that a key factor in using emergency air is having it with you when you need it. How comfortable or how much of a hassle a piece of safety gear it is to use, is a big factor whether that piece of safety gear is even taken along on a trip. If safety gear is in the trunk of your car or stored nicely in your basement, it will do you on anyone else little good when an emergency arises.

We feel emergency air utilizes the same "keep it with you" priciple, you need to have it with you when emegencies happen.

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