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Rapid Air Continual Development Team Concept

This inital distibution of Rapid Air will go out to a number of select boaters and water sport enthusiasts.

These water sport enthusiasts will be made up of a wide variety of characters with a variety of experiences. Each team member will be expected to "actually use Rapid Air", frequently, testing its functionality in their sport and style of use, noting their observations and making their own recommendations to improve the next generation of products.

This continual feedback will be expected by its team members. Keeping in contact with the company and providing enthusiastic feedback will qualify team members for a free upgrade to the next generation Rapid Air.
Rapid Products Inc. is and has been dedicated to making kayaking a significantly safer sport to enjoy.
Being a part of this team will be an integral part of making this generation of kayaking, rafting and many other water sports a little safer to participate in.

Rapid Products, Inc. - P.O Box 1887 Wheat Ridge, CO 80034
Tel: (303) 761-9600 - Fax: (303) 761-9293 -