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PDFs and Rapid Air

We recommend a PFD made for Rapid Air. This will make for a comfortable fit and easy removal of the Rapid Air from the vest.

The following vests are available for Rapid Air. Please select one.

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Rapid Products Panther PFD- Black- One Size
This basic vest is perfect for everyday use with the Rapid Air Unit. Features include a comfortable fit.
(included in price)

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Stohlquist Wedge-R PFD- Red or Yellow- All Sizes
This PFD is a perfect combination of safety and comfort. The streamlined front pocket is a perfect fit for Rapid Air. You hardly know it's there.
(additional $70.00)

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The Hairfish Vest - Rescue - Black - Medium
This Deluxe Rescue Vest is designed with creek boaters - water rescue - guides and instructors in mind. The vest features body armor along the ribs - kidneys - and spine. It is also rescue ready with the addition of the quick release belt. Simply add a Rapid Air Rescue Pocket and the Hairfish is then Rapid Air Ready.
(additional $120.00)

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Rapid Products Air Pocket- Black- One Size
The Air pocket is intended for use to wrap around only the front portion of your existing PFD.
(additional $35.00)

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Rapid Products Deep Endz- Black- Four Sizes
The Deep Endz is intended for use underneath or on top of your existing PFD. This lightweight neoprene & padded foam construction offers a secure mounting system with a snug fit. Note: the Air Pocket offers no significant additional floatation.
(additional $45.00)

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Astral Aquavest 300 - Red
A very popular and one of the newest state of the art design in Rescue PFDs. A comfortable shape combined with a practical design with many necessary features for river rescue.
(additional $129.00)

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